Act of Aggression

Act Of Aggression Review

As I have mentioned before I love RTS games. Act of Aggression is a new entry into the RTS game, it was released on Sept 2nd 2015.

When I think of RTS games I immediately go to thinking of Age of Empires or Age of Mythology those are by far my two favorite series in the RTS realm. So going by that you can probably figure that I like older style games with swords, shields, and horses.  Obviously this game doesn’t have these, in Act of Aggression you will be using infantry, tanks, vehicles and the like. AoA has three playable factions all with their own units and playstyles.

US Army, Cartel, and Chimera are the three playable factions. For most people the US Army will fell like the more “traditional” and probably the easiest to play for people starting out.

Act of Aggression SS 1

Check out Act of Aggression’s official site.

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