Moving Forward

Welcome to GamingPredator. GamingPredator is a website that is dedicated to bringing you gaming news, reviews, previews, videos and general info. In addition to the website we hope to start up our own Twitch/hitbox channel to showcase games we are reviewing and playing for your entertainment.

Currently the staff is just one person, me. Some people that visit early on may recognize me from online games I go by Brannin in a lot of games and that is currently my Twitch user name as well. Hopefully I will be finding a few more staff for the website to help with writing articles as well as filling up time on the Twitch channel to keep all our viewers entertained. My goal is to one day hopefully have a 24 hour stream going on with different people playing a variety of games every day.

The site is still very early in the planning stages and I hope it will grow to become a very exciting and entertaining place for everyone.

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