Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

Super Mega Baseball

Super Mega Baseball

As I mentioned in my previous post 5 Favorite Gaming Genres I love sports games, and well I love baseball games. If you like playing baseball games up until now i hoped you had a PlayStation. The offerings for PC and Xbox were slim to none for the most part.

Yes yes we had RBI Baseball, but honestly it was garbage, at least in my opinion. And on PC we had some baseball simulators for those that loved to crunch numbers. However for those of us that actually like swinging the bat we were lacking.  Now enter Super Mega Baseball Extra Innings, it was just released on Steam on August 21st. Looking at the art style you might think it is some cheesy crappy game that isn’t worth your time. This is a great example of not judging a book by its cover.

Yes it’s true the graphics do look cartoony but once you get past that it truly is a great game.



  • Realistic Simulation and Physics: As I said cartoony presentation but all the fundamentals are there, and pretty accurate. This will teach you the rules of the game as well.
  • Great Difficulty System: Has a difficulty rating system called “Ego”. The higher you set it, the harder the game will be. So players of all levels can and will enjoy the game.
  • Full Batting and Pitching Stats: Pretty much all the stats you would think should be in a baseball game are in there.
  • Leveling System: Players earn Starpoints for actions in the game such as hits, strikeouts catching the ball and can eventually level up. Can hire staff to train and couch the team that will improve players attributes like Power and Speed.
  • Customization: Change the look and names or players to create a group of friends.

If you enjoy baseball games I believe you will enjoy playing Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings.  Check it out on Steam

5 Favorite Gaming Genres

Gaming Predator


Real Time Strategy games are by far some of my favorite games. That being said I don’t really like StarCraft 2 that much. Now you are sitting there saying, well isnt that the biggest RTS game right now? Yea you are correct, it is but I prefer some “older” RTS games out there that have been re-released with new features and options.

My all time favorite RTS game is Age of Mythology and its expansion pack The Titans. Originally released October 30th 2002 by Ensemble Studios. I can’t even begin to tell you how many hours I poured into this game over the next few years. Back then I was mainly a DM (Deathmatch) player, and consistently had a nick in the Top 20 list. While playing AoM I used tons of nicknamese to “smurf” but people mainly knew me as Teapot or RageOfLiGhT.

Luckily for me Age of Mythology: Extended Edition was released on Steam on May 8th 2014. This breathed new life into the game. When first released there were tons of players flocking back and playing. Sadly the player based has kind of dwindled down now, but still remains and incredible RTS game.


Now “Simulation” can cover a lot of different styles of games, when I say Simulation right here I am mainly referring to economic/city building style games. What can I say I love building great looking cities and remember playing with Sim City + Sim City 2000 back in the day.

Now of course Sim City has been updated, was kind of a disappointment at launch though has gotten a bit better since then. Right now though, Cities:Skylines is where it’s at. Fun amazing game that will be releasing its first expansion pack soon, and I can’t wait to dive into it head first and experience all the new features it is going to offer.


World of Warcraft
The big daddy of all, MMO’s. Of course the biggest and baddest of them all right now is World of Warcraft, and yes I love it. Granted my love for it has went up and down over the years but I always return to see what is new and waiting for me. Having just released details about the newest expansion for it, I must admit it will once again draw me back into it. Come on now Demon Hunters yes please.


Battle Field Vietnam
I have also always enjoyed First Person Shooters. I have never been the greatest at them, in fact I’m lucky if I can maintain a break even K/D ratio. The big two in FPS’s are CoD and BF, I must admit I’ve always been more of a Battlefield fan. Battlefield Vietnam is where it got started for me, and it was a glorious time. The game play was great, the music in BF:V was amazing something about the songs playing while going through the jungle didn’t get any better than that.


Now where would I be if I didn’t like sports games? Favorite sports game? Probably Madden, love me some good ole football. Being mainly a PC gamer though it is quite hard to find good sports games, so usually will be playing these kind of games on the consoles.

However there was just a baseball game that got released on Steam Super Mega Baseball:Extra Innings. Don’t let the cartoon art-style fool you, this is a great little game.

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